The Hotters

Simone's First Year
Simone's first twelve months...
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Simone's Seventh Year (2010-2011)
We have entered the world of Kindergarten, lost our first two teeth and have grown almost two inches! We have gone on field trips without mama or papa....and we have learned how to ice-skate. It has been a great year. Looking to the many firsts in the months ahead.
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Simone's Fifth Year (2008 - 2009)
Our little Princess is four years old and we have started the new year on a very festive note: spending her special day in Disney World. We are looking forward to Pre-Kindergarten at the JCC and all the fun experiences and activities that will be part of this upcoming year in Simone's life.
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Spoonful of Sugar
Pictures taken by Spoonful of Sugar Photography
albums: 13
Yana's Family
Pictures of Yana's family in Winter Springs, Orlando & Winter Park, Florida
albums: 2
Simone's 8th year
albums: 12
Simone's Fourth Year (2007-2008)
Simone is three years old. We had a wonderful birthday bash to complete a year full of milestones. Diapers, sippy cups, baby-proofing are a thing of the past. Now our days are filled with conversations, theatre plays, concerts, ballet, computer games and Little Einsteins. Our 'Little Einstein' has a mind that amazes us daily - her potential to absorb new knowledge is incredible and sky is only the limit for this princess. This coming year we will be travelling to Orlando (to see babushka and dedushka) and Boston (for Brandeis Ten Year Reunion). So, look forward to lots of local pictures. Simone will also be starting a few courses in the drama and theatre (to support her singing and acting side). So, a full year ahead with only more to learn and see.
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Simone's Second Year
Simone's second year in pictures...
albums: 13
Simone's Third Year (2006-2007)
Simone is two years old...and is a beautiful little girl, with so much life within her. She brightens every day and we can't wait for what's to come!
albums: 12
Simone's Sixth year (2009-2010)
We have survived the five years filled with diapers, Elmo, Princesses, vacations, pre-school dramas and firsts' galore. We are now embarking on a new journey into the world of kindergarten. It has been an exciting and wonderful ride so far. Looking forward to many more ahead.
albums: 12
Yana & Christian
The story of our courtship,
subfolders: 2 and albums: 5
Christian's Family
Pictures of Christian's family in Greenville, NY; St. Louis, MO & Walnut Creek, CA
albums: 1
Simone & Friends
Pictures of Simone's playmates: daycare, playdates...
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Christian's Black & White Photography
Black & White Pictures
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Ozzy and Moby
Pictures of our pugs...
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Our House
Our new house.
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